You're able to pre-create and preset tasks that you'd like to be hidden when added to option boards. Rather than showing a customer that this job is going to require an additional 15 minutes of labor due to limited access, it's easier to just add the labor to your option board as a hidden task. You may have seen this functionality in our Setup and Use of Hidden Tasks article.

Deciding which tasks to show or hide may be a decision that's better made in the field though. You can enable this functionality for any of the users that you think are ready for it by simply enabling the permission on their user account in the web.

Just go to My Account, then Manage Users, and turn on the 'Can Show/Hide Tasks?' permission.

Take a look at the video below to see Dynamic Hidden Tasks in action!

Dynamic Hidden Tasks are also great for large scale projects. The attached article and video will walk you through Using Dynamic Hidden Tasks for Large Scale Projects.

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