New Functionalities

New Customer Details Screen

New customer details screen has all relevant customer information displayed on the left. Below this text information are the edit customer and add service address buttons. The right of the screen has the new service address view. Service address are now listed out in a scrollable list. Clicking a service address will show the following:

  • A preview image of the google street view of this address
  • The make default billing address
  • An edit address button
  • The create work order button

The menu hamburger has been removed from the top right as all of its functionalities are now prominently shown on the screen for ease of use.

Internal Notes

The Internal note function has been fully implemented in the mobile tool. When you add an Internal note to a work order, it will be rolled up underneath the customer record. You can view the notes associated with this customer by going to the notes tab in the customer details view or by opening the work order the note was created on and viewing it there.

Google Maps

You can now send a Profit Rhino service address over to google maps at the click of a button. After creating a work order, there is a new button available for navigating view google maps. Clicking this button will open a modal that will show you the full address and a google street view preview of this address. Clicking navigate will launch google maps with this address either in the browser or using the app on your tablet.

Sync Improvements

We have added an Incremental Sync for Service Address and Customer Addresses to make sure your data is always preserved.

Dynamic Hidden Tasks

Add the ability to set any task to be hidden or visible on the option builder on a task by task basis. Hiding or showing a task will only be in effect for this particular option board. A new icon has been added to indicate whether a task is hidden or shown.

Open Pay

Profit Rhino now has an integration with Open Pay for Australian customers! You can set your open pay credentials on the web. After setting your credentials, a new open pay button will be available as a payment option in the mobile tool. Clicking this button will bring you to an open pay screen where you can set your customer up with an open pay account and process their payment right in the field and within the Profit Rhino application.  

App to App Improvements

The IOS application no longer crashes upon launching a work order from 3rd party applications. We have also implemented the following changes in order to maintain connection between the two applications:

  • The clear work order button has been disabled
  • Clicking check for updates will no longer clear your open work order and break the application connection
  • Clear all data is disabled when viewing a work order from a third party
  • The search and open work order functionality has been disabled when coming from a third party
  • The customer and service address view and edit screens have been disabledThe copy work order button has been disabled
  • The payments button has been disabled
  • The save button has been disabled, you will only be able to save and return to third party
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