• Hide/Show Alternate Parts Column in Task-Part Import/Export if Alternate Part Flag is Disabled. If a user has alternate parts enabled, it will be a column available on the linking imports so you can set the part to primary or alternate, if you do not have alternate parts enabled the column will not show.
  • Make MFG Field and Tax Code Fields Available in UI/API/Imports and Not Required. Davisware customers will have a new tab available called Davisware in tasks where they can set davisware specific information, these fields will be available for imports and exports for Davisware customers and be present in the api for any account that is marked as Davisware.
  • Dynamic Option Mask - Web/Services. All the services needed for the ability to change the name of the option mask out in the field on the fly as one time thing. That one time alteration will be reflected in saved work orders on the web and in the option board bubbles available in the work order grid.
  • Business Type Notes - Services. Any notes set on the business type level will now be sent over to the mobile application and appear in a prompt when clicked in the your price book section in the same way notes on categories and sub-categories appear.
  • Update Task Part Link Export/Import to Include Task Name. Task part link import and export will now have a field for task name that is optional to give users a little more clarity on what tasks they're linking parts to
  • Successware Export with Addons. The Successware export in Profit Rhino can now optionally be run with addons that will appear as additional rows or services in the export file and when imported into successware.
  • Angular Login! Profit Rhino has a new and improved login screen that is the beginning of a rebuild of the Profit Rhino web application in a more modern technology. This new login screen is complete with overhauled visuals, user friendly animations, and a look and feel that is more in line with Profit Rhino's aesthetics.
  • Angular Password Reset. Profit Rhino now has a new reset password process. A customer simply needs to click forgot password on the login screen, enter their email address, and they will receive an email with a link where they can reset their password and login.
  • Task / Image Link Export and Import. There is a new import and export available that will allow you to see the image urls associated with a task and will also allow you to import image urls into a task. The urls imported into a task must be a Profit Rhino url, I.E. an image that you have cropped using Profit Rhino's image import tool.
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