• Davisware Compatibility Fix. We've made changes to the available actions and sections in Profit Rhino when being launched from a third party in order to make it easier for our users to navigate between the two apps. Namely, we've hidden away all customer and work order functionality that pertains only to Profit Rhino and not to Davisware.
  • Davisware Compatibility Changes Part 2. In addition to hiding away certain sections and features, we've also changed the sync logic and sync availability when Profit Rhino is launched from a third party. Now, checking for updates will not clear a work order, but you cannot click the "Clear All" sync button while launched from a third party. Additionally, syncing will not break the connection between the two applications.
  • Davisware Compatibility Part 3. Finally, we've made changes in transitioning between the two application so there is no loss of data on either side. With the updated flow you can repeatedly launch and work on work orders from Davisware to Profit Rhino with no issues.
  • We've optimized the sync speed of the Android device so it will complete its sync in 2 minutes (depending on data size)
  • Standard Rate Default. The Android application will now default the selected price tier to be the standard one. If you don't have standard enabled it will select the highest available price tier.
  • Updated Option Mask Functionality. We've updated the option mask features in the Android application to match exactly on the web. Now your mask names will come over to the pad and when you assign a task to an option board the available options will reflect the actual mask name.
  • Australian Phone Number Formatting. We've added Australian phone number formatting so that any accounts marked as Australian can use their customers actual phone numbers.
  • Multi Toggle PDF Prompt. We've given the Android application the ability to generate a PDF with the pricing hidden or shown. This way, a customer can show a homeowner a set of options without necessarily having a conversation about price right away.
  • Redone Customer Details Pop. We've redone the customer details pop to have a cleaner and friendly aesthetic/ux with updated shortcuts to different customer edit points.
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