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Managing Refrigerant Pricing
Managing Refrigerant Pricing

The process of setting and keeping your refrigerant pricing up to date

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To set up your refrigerant pricing*:

Log into your SmartPrice web portal and click on Business Info.

Then Refrigerant.

From this screen, you'll be taken into the Manage Refrigerant page where you will have four different tabs that can be customized β€” Refrigerant, Liquid Drier, Suction Drier and Settings.

Click on the Settings tab first. In this tab, you will be able to set a few choices that help you create better refrigerant-related tasks:

  1. Type of Refrigerant β€” This is where you tell us if you only use standard refrigerants (R-22 and R-410A) or also provided blended refrigerants. This decision can always be reversed.

  2. Use Add-on Price for Additional Pounds β€” This is where you, as a company, can mark "Yes" if you offer a lower price for each additional pound of refrigerant after the first one.

After your satisfied with your choice, review your information that populated under the Refrigerant tab. Make sure all the information looks correct.

The next two tabs in this section are where you can set pricing for your liquid drier and suction drier tasks. The price can be adjusted the exact same way that you changed the price of the refrigerant tasks. Β 

*SmartPrice Pro or SmartPrice Plus customers can manually click into these tasks and edit any aspect of it through the Task Management screen. SmartPrice Starter customers are limited to editing the price only on the Manage Refrigerant page.

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