Profit Rhino is now making it easier to add refrigerant onto any task that needs to include its replacement in the price.  The program will actually prompt you to add the refrigerant any time a task like a compressor replacement is selected. Below we will explain exactly how to get your refrigerant pricing loaded into the program so that you can start to make things a little easier on your techs in field.  This is a feature that is available to all Profit Rhino powered by Callahan Roach customers.  So regardless of whether you have SmartPrice Starter, Plus or Pro you'll be able to benefit from this functionality.

The first step is logging into your SmartPrice account on the web platform of Profit Rhino.   From the main landing page you'll want to click into your Business Information tab.  When you click into that you'll run into a screen that looks like the screen shot below, and you'll want to click on refrigerant.

From this screen you'll be taken into the Manage Refrigerant page where you will have four different tabs that can be customized.  You will have Refrigerant, Liquid Drier, Suction Drier and Settings.  We will actually want to click into the Setting tab first.  Then you will follow the steps mapped out below.

In the Settings tab. You will just want to mark a couple of settings that will determine the amount of information that needs to be customized in the Refrigerant Tab.  

  1. Type of Refrigerant - Just mark whether or not you offer standard refrigerants or if you offer blended refrigerants as well.  This decision can always be reversed, but it will determine the refrigerant types that are available as default tasks in the refrigerant tab. 
  2. Price Additional/lbs - This is where you as a company can mark "Yes" if you offer a lower price for each additional pound of refrigerant after the first.  If you offer the same price for the second, third and fourth pound as you do for the first, then this drop down should be marked as "no."

Next we'll go into the Refrigerant Tab, on the image attached below I have the main functions that will need to be reviewed.

Below is a key to help walk through each highlighted section in the image:

  1.  This is the actual Task that would be charged to the customer any time you select a line item in the field that requires the addition of refrigerant.  In the image above we only have the Standard refrigerants loaded.  You can add to this list by changing the setting to include Blended and Standard Refrigerants.
  2. This search bar will let you search through the refrigerants that you have loaded below.  This is beneficial for someone using a lot of blended refrigerants.
  3. Price First/lb - This is the price that you would charge for the first pound of refrigerant on any task that required it.  You can adjust the price by clicking on the number, then manually typing a number to charge the price.
  4. This "Add Refrigerant" button would allow you to search for any additional refrigerant tasks you have in the price book.  If the task is found in the search then it can be quickly added to the list and managed with the rest of the refrigerant tasks.
  5. Price Additional/lbs - this will allow you to set the price for each additional pound of refrigerant used on any task that requires it.  That price will be used for each and every additional pound no matter how many you add to a unit, beyond the first pound.
  6. The trash can will allow you to remove a refrigerant that has been loaded into the Refrigerant section.  This will allow you to clean up your list if a certain kind of refrigerant is obsolete or if you just don't offer it anymore.

The next two tabs in this section are where you can set pricing for your Liquid Drier and Suction Drier task.  The price can be adjusted the exact same way that you changed the price of the Refrigerant tasks.  You can just click on the price and type in your price manually.  Any customer that is using SmartPrice Pro or SmartPrice Plus can manually click into these tasks and edit any aspect of it.  Clicking will open their Task Management screen.  SmartPrice Starter customers are limited to editing the price right on the Manage Refrigerant page.


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