When you click on "Manage Book" in the web platform of SmartPrice you have the ability to navigate through the price book the way that your technicians would out in the field.  You can click into a Business Type and navigate all the way through the Categories into the actual Tasks that can be used as line item charges in the field.  

We now have two different ways that you can navigate through the Categories.  The first and the default setting is the Card View.  This view allows you to see the program most similarly to how SmartPrice technicians will see things in the field.  Each Category or Business Type is given it's own card and it is very easy to see the images assigned to each in this view.  You can see what this view looks like below:

In the image above there is also a color coded line above each image.  These colors actually have some meaning.  If you see a dark blue line that means the category/business type has other categories inside of it.  If that line is Grey, that means that there are Tasks inside that category.  If you see Yellow, then you know that Category is empty and needs to be built out further.  So at a glance you can see what is inside a Category without having to click into it.

In the image below, you will see the same color codes, but the layout of the book is different.  This view is more similar to our old view, so legacy customers might be more comfortable using this as it will be more familiar.  This view is called our List View.  It can be accessed by toggling between the views in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Below you can see an image of how the view looks on the web platform and where to toggle between the two:

The colors that can be used to identify what is inside of the Category/Business Type are now located on the left of the Category, as you can see in the image above.  

Reposition Categories

We also have some new functionality when it comes to Categories in SmartPrice.   You have the ability to add as many layers of categories as you would like.  So there is no limit to the amount of Categories that you can have.  You can also drag and reposition the categories any way that you would like.  So if you would like Hot Water to show at the top in the image above all you would have to do is click on it, hold down the mouse and drag/drop it up to the top.

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