Sorting Task/Parts Lists

How to organize your Task and Parts Lists

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Once you click into the Tasks tab you get a list view of all the Tasks in the price book. This list is searchable.  On the top of the screen you can search using Name, Number or Description. Below explains all dynamic column headers.

  1.  Search Bar - You can search for a task by Name, Number or Description.

  2. Remove All Filters - This will allow you to remove filters that have been used when they are no longer necessary.

  3. Add New Task - Create new content with this button.  You can create additional tasks to build out your price book further.

  4. Export to CSV - This will allow you to Export the selected columns to an excel spreadsheet so you can view them a little easier.

  5. Column Selector - This function will allow you to select which columns you want to be visible on the screen below.  So if your company doesn't charge a Premium Rate/After Hours rate, you can remove that.  

  6. The three dots next to the column header will allow you to filter using any value that is found in the column below.  So if I clicked the three dots next to Business Type, I could select Plumbing, HVAC, Drain Cleaning and/or any combination of those to only have those Business Types available to view or search.

  7. The Column Headers are also clickable.  You can sort A-Z or Smallest Value to Largest.  So if you want to sort by price of parts in the task, you can do that.  Just click the column header and you can dynamically sort your task table.

  8. Copy Function - This will allow you to make an exact copy of your task and store in another location in the book.

The Parts page is set up the exact same way.

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