On your mobile tool in the top right hand corner you have three horizontal lines.  Those will allow you access your Settings, Sync Status and Support.  That button is highlighted in the screen shot below:

When you click into the Settings section you'll get three options Settings, Sync Status and Support. Your General Settings will be the screen that first shows up. From that screen you can control a lot of different aspects of how information is displayed on the mobile tool. Below is a screen shot and a key to explain everything that can be changed through the General Settings:

  1.  Pricing Columns - Here you can choose which price columns you would want to be displayed to customers.  Your options are any combination of Value, Standard and Premium Pricing.  You can also show how much a customer would save if they were a service agreement customer.

  2. Show Price Column Name - This is just a yes/no option as to whether you want to present the price column that is being show.  You can just show a price without the column being named or show the name.

  3. Show Condensed Task and Category Lists - This option allows you present Categories and tasks without showing the images associated with those items.  So you can see a lot more content on a single page if you would like to.

  4. Hide Price in Task List - This would hide the price when their a lot of tasks on the list all together.  You could obviously still see the price inside of the task, but at a glance the price wouldn't be visible.

  5. Show Marketing Descriptions - This option allows you to view Marketing Descriptions where you want to see them.  Your Marketing Description is geared towards the customer is meant to help you sell jobs.  It can be wordy and take up space though, so you can toggle on/off where that description is actually visible.

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