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Navigating SmartPrice Plus/Starter - Mobile Tool
Navigating SmartPrice Plus/Starter - Mobile Tool

This article will help you navigate through the mobile program of SmartPrice Plus and SmartPrice Starter

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When you first login to the program, you will see a screen that has your price book listed. If you click into that you will be able to see all of your Business Types.

By clicking into one of those Business type you will then be able to see all of the categories. You will be able to navigate through the categories until you get to the task level and see the tasks that can be added to a work order.

Above is an image of categories. These categories are color coded at the top. So if you look at the very top of the Category card, you can see there is a blue strip or a grey strip. If it is grey, it means that there are Tasks inside that category.  If there is a blue strip, like there is in Relays, then it contains more categories.  

Above the Category Cards is a trail of how you got into the Category that you are located. We refer to these as Breadcrumbs in our training. If you look at the Breadcrumbs, you can see that we navigated into Books First, then Demo, then in HVAC lastly into Evaporative Cooler, that is where we clicked into our current location of Delays & Relays. So you can see exactly how you got to where you are at all times in the price book. 

Another aspect of this page is the search function. You can search at any time in the price book. You'll just have to know that the only searchable content is what you are looking at. So in this situation, you can only search for things that are inside of this Delays & Relays section.

The last option is the OEM search. If you toggle the button from "Gen" over to "OEM" then you can actually search for any OEM part that you're looking for. The OEM content isn't categorized, but you can search for it manually and get a flat rate price based on your business information. To expose the GEN OEM toggle on the phone version of SmartPrice, click the filter icon next to the search bar. Then tap “OEM,” enter a keyword and click the search button on your keyboard.

After you find your desired Task, the screen will show up this way:

Here we'll detail everything that is in the screen shot above.  

  1.  Task/Add on Toggle - This is where you can toggle between the task and add-on price of each task. So if you are charging for more than one thing, you can use the add-on price.  

  2. Configure Refrigerant - This will allow you to configure refrigerant pricing for doing the particular repair that you are looking to bill out. The pricing for your refrigerant is set ahead of time on the web platform.  

  3. Alternative Tasks - These would be upsells or upgrades for the particular task that you are looking at.  

  4. Recommended Tasks - This tab would have your cross sells or Recommended Services. They can be offered alongside the task that you are looking at.  

  5. Parts - This would be a list of all the parts that are involved in the current repair that you are looking at. You can view the part and the cost of the part so that you have that information for your records.

  6. Documents - In this section, you can view any PDFs that were loaded onto this task. So if you have an installation diagram or marketing information, you could view that in this section.

To see a breakdown of the price for the particular repair, you'll just have to swipe to the right underneath the pricing and above the "configure refrigerant."

After you swipe over, you'll see a price breakdown that looks like this:

This screen will show you a full breakdown of exactly how much you have in parts, labor and tax for that particular repair so that you can write it up correctly.

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