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How to adjust bill out rates, parts markups, refrigerant management and managed lists.

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Rate Management:

  • Here you can change markups or discounts for service agreement vs non-service agreement customers, after hour rates, and your tax set up.

  • Interested in learning more about setting a Minimum Time charge for tasks, our Managing Your Business Information - Rate Management article will show you how.

Parts Markups:

  • Whether you use a sliding scale or a flat profit percentage, we recommend marking up your parts somehow. Learn more about managing your markup schedule in Managing Parts Markups

Refrigerant Management:

  • Here you can manage your standard or blended lists, liquid line driers, and suction driers all in one spot. Check here to learn more about refrigerant management.

  • If you're tired of calculating refrigerant costs in the field, you'll want to keep an eye out for our mobile refrigerant functionality coming soon!

Managed Lists - Brands and Manufacturers

  • As price books grow larger and functionality related to price books becomes more sophisticated, any way to improve organization is important. Here you can keep up with your brands and manufacturers.

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