We commonly hear feedback that technicians forget to charge customers for all of the required components when opening up the refrigerant lines. The time to pull a vacuum and install a suction drier, or installing a liquid line drier are common examples. The "configure refrigerant" functionality in Profit Rhino mobile is a quick and easy way to ensure techs are charging for each component and charging for them accurately!

Our price book content team has marked all tasks that require opening up the refrigerant system as "Refrigerant Required" (see image below). For each of these tasks, "Configure Refrigerant" will be an option for technicians to select in the field.

Once the tech has selected the correct task, they can click on "Configure Refrigerant" to select the following:

  1. Select Refrigerant Type

  2. Select number of pounds of refrigerant

  3. Will you use a suction drier? If so, which option?

  4. Charge for recovery, vacuum, liquid drier?

  5. Choose your Rate Selection

The video below provides a quick tutorial of this functionality.

The pricing for all "Configure Refrigerant" items can be set up in "Refrigerant" in the Business Information section. To learn more, take a look at the Managing Refrigerant Pricing article.

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