Log In to your Profit Rhino Account and go to My Account.

Then Report and Export.

Click the check box to choose business type(s) you want to export to your QuickBooks.

You can only choose QuickBooks 1 or 2. These are these are the only imports into QuickBooks. The difference in between the two is Report 1 designates the business type of task and Reports 2 does not.

It will create an excel form with the list of all prices. Save it and note where you saved it on your computer. You will have to open the file and break it up into 1000 item pieces otherwise QuickBooks will not allow you to import the data. To do this you copy the 1000 items and paste them into a new csv form.

Log In to your QuickBooks online.

Once signed in, click on the gear next to your company name.

Click on the Import Data under tools.

Click on the Product and Services choice near the bottom of the screen.

Click Browse and find the file that you exported from our web application.

Double click or select you file and then once it shows in the display, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

Match up the fields in the file you are importing with the choices in QuickBooks and click Next.

You are shown how many fields are ready to be imported and then click Import.

You might get this warning and if you do either delete this field on the page or rename the field.

Success, you have imported the information.

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