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Database 3.0 to 4.0 - What You Need To Know
Database 3.0 to 4.0 - What You Need To Know

Changes you will see when your account switches from 3.0 to 4.0

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Our development team has made enhancements to our platform to make working in it more intuitive and management of data simpler. We'll dive into the major differences below.

Let's get the cost concern right out of the way. There will be no change to your subscription cost with an upgrade to the 4.0 database. Now...onto the changes.

Newer User Interface (Manage Book, Tasks, Parts)

The most immediate change you'll notice is a complete overhaul of the web platform. We've introduced 'click and drag' functionality the improve category ordering as well as search within Manage Book.



Next, you'll see enhanced task and parts sections with improved searchability. Along with a modernized UI, we've added filters and sorting for nearly each field.


Last but not least, the Business Information section just got a whole lot easier. Again, we modernized the look, compartmentalized rates vs taxes vs markups, and added a task pricing preview so that you can see in real time what you prices would look like with a different bill out rate.



Simplified Parts Management (Single Parts)

One issue with the 3.0 accounts is that there needed to be duplicate parts across all business types. We found that a small portion of customers we're utilizing different parts mark ups across business types, but still had to deal with the headache of adjusting part pricing on multiple different records.

We've moved to a single parts database (removing duplicates) and a universal parts markup schedule. This will simplify your parts pricing management.

Looking at the 3.0 example below, if this customer needed to change their pricing for a 30 in single wall flue pipe, they would need to do that for the part in Heating (1), A/C (2), Installs (3). If they had this part separately in Plumbing and/or Hot Water, that would make 5 part records that needed to be updated for a single part change.

We do recognize that this may impact your pricing, especially if you have different mark ups across different business types. If it does, please consult the Profit Rhino Support Team for the best solution at, or at 855-710-2055.

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