Within HVAC, there are categories for each component within an HVAC system. Within each category there are subcategories for the different types of that component.

  • For example, within Blower Motors & Wheels, you’ll see everything from Generic Stock Blower Motors, to ECM Motors, Belt Drive Motors, and other specialty motors. It also contains blower accessories like mounts and assemblies, and blower related items like adjusting blower speed and insulating the blower compartment.
  • The Thermostat category will be a common stop for you. Here the thermostats are broken down again by sub type, from programmable and non-programmable’s, to your Smart Stats, like Ecobee and Nest. You’ll also see services related to thermostats, such as running a thermostat wire and programming a thermostat.

Managing Refrigerant within HVAC

Your techs can locate refrigerant tasks in the refrigerant section of the price book (HVAC > Refrigerants, Leaks & Recovery), or by using the configure refrigerant functionality in our mobile apps.

As a price book admin, to manage refrigerant pricing, you’ll need to go to the Refrigerant section of business information. We've organized this section so that you can easily type in your cost of refrigerant per pound and your refrigerant sell price per pound (both for first pound and each additional).


One difference with the plumbing price book is that it is first organized by area of the home. This helps you narrow in on services that are relevant to the room that you’re working in. There's no sense in sorting through bathroom faucets if you're replacing one in the kitchen.

After the room specific repairs, you'll see additional categories for items more universally used throughout the house, such as valves and piping, gas piping and cut offs, then various items like water heater replacements and repairs, water treatment, wells and pumps, and customer supplied


The electrical price book is organized by components and their related services. Within the categories you'll see more granular breakdowns to narrow in on the services you need.

You'll see switches, outlets & control devices, breakers & fuses, wiring & circuit additions, panels & sub panels, and customer supplied services, among much more.

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