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What are the different types of management within tasks and parts?

1) Rhino Managed

Tasks and Parts are managed and get updated from Profit Rhino periodically.

2) Contractor Managed

Task or Part is managed by you but can be relinked at any time.

3) Contractor Created

Tasks or Parts that are created by you.

What do these Management titles mean?

Tasks and parts initially start as Rhino Managed. When you choose to edit a field on a task or part, you will need to hit the unlink button on the top right of the card. This will open up all fields to edit and the record will show as Contractor Managed, but will make it so that task or part will not get updated on our next round of content updates.

When you create a task or a part, it will always be listed as Contractor Created.

If you decide at any time that you want us to manage a Contractor Managed Task or part, just click the Compare Details button on the top right of the record

This will open up a window where you can compare your changes to our live database. If you decide you want us to manage at that point, just click the Reset & Relink Task button.

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