Once your account has been activated with the improved content management functionality you will start seeing the content management section in your profit rhino navigation.

If you have an update, the cloud will turn Red, click it and you will be brought to the content management page where you can read more about what the update has within it.

Just simply Click the "Update" button within this page and your update will start processing!

What will be updated in my account?

We will be updating any record in your account that is "Rhino Managed" and has had its data (task or part information) by our content team. The updates may take time but will run in the background. The cloud icon will turn green once the update is complete.

What should i do once my content update is complete?

If you use Profit Rhino Starter/Plus/Pro, you should advise your technicians to download the latest updates to your price book.

If you use Profit Rhino in an external FSM partner system, please contact your Support representative for a new data export.

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