Attract more homeowners, close bigger deals and address your service techs’ pain points by giving customers a flexible and convenient way to pay for big-ticket purchases through payment and financing options.

If you want to maximize time-savings, boost your cash flow and create a hassle-free billing process, start offering payment options to your customers! Profit Rhino integrates with PaySimple, a leading service commerce platform, so your service techs can securely process payments in the field and provide customers with flexible payment plans. By offering options, you’ll not only improve your customer’s experience, but your company will address the common pain points your techs encounter in the field and see benefits like:

Less Time Spent Chasing Down Payments

Sometimes customers forget to pay their bill or are late with their payments, leaving your company with the burden of pestering a client to pay their bill — a stressful task that can take valuable time away from your day. By accepting payments on the spot or leveraging automated billing, you won’t have to worry about chasing down payments and can put your focus back toward running your business.

Limited Payment Disputes

Payment disputes are an all-too-common pain point among contractors. By accepting payments in the field, when both the customer and their payment card are present, you can provide customers with a receipt on the spot and lower the chance of payment disputes arising in the future.

Boost in Cash Flow

Accepting payments in the field can get you paid as soon as you make the sale and positively affect your company’s cash flow. However, some homeowners will prefer to not pay their entire bill up front. To meet the needs of these customers but still keep a consistent cash flow, you should be utilizing automated billing to create flexible payment schedules for your customers. Doing so will ultimately give you more visibility into your revenue stream, helping you gain insights on when your payments will be processed every month so you can better plan on how to reinvest your money.

Increase Selling Opportunity with Financing Options

HVAC, Electrical or Plumbing repairs can come with a hefty price. And when a homeowner is faced with an expensive repair, they have enough to stress about. They shouldn’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay for it! By offering your customers financing options, you can cater to their different payment preferences and increase the chance of them making a purchase. Additionally, providing homeowners with financing options can boost your company’s revenue as these options make it easier to present and sell a higher-priced repair. Your customers won’t have to pay for everything upfront when they use financing options, giving them more purchasing power to buy what they really want or need.

How PaySimple Can Help

Tired of collecting and keeping track of paper checks, writing down or reporting back credit card information, customers forgetting to pay or paying late, having to follow up or track down payments from customers and manually entering payment records into multiple systems? Then integrate PaySimple AppConnect™ with your Profit Rhino platform and mobile app! By connecting these two powerful systems to one another, you can bring secure payment acceptance capabilities to the field and handle all your billing automation and payment processing needs with ease.

Profit Rhino’s platform also makes it easy to setup and offer your customers financing options. To learn exactly how you can integrate your financing options into Profit Rhino or create new financing options within the system, read our help article!

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