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January 2021 Updates
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Profit Rhino's January 2021 update patch comes with many minor improvements across the platform, as well as a small overhaul of the Refrigeration Management module. Update details are below:

Refrigeration Module Updates:

  • We overhauled this module to make it easier to manage your refrigerants.

  • You can now manage what tasks will be used as refrigerants and use our standard task detail to alter the pricing, if needed.

  • The goal is to give you more flexibility in how you price your refrigerants.


  • You can now use ACH (checks) to pay your Profit Rhino Re-occurring subscription.

  • Subscriptions can also now be paid in yearly intervals.

  • There are also general subscription module improvements.

Tasks and Parts:

  • Active/Inactive and Shown/Hidden labels on tasks in Manage Book.

  • We updated and improved some general form.

  • Now you can see the character limit next to the respected field​.

  • It will now correctly indicate when the part has been added successfully.

  • You can now drag and drop images into Profit Rhino.

  • There has been resolution improvements for smaller screens​.

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