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March 2021 release notes
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Content Management Enhancements

With this update, we wanted to take a deeper dive into what it means to manage a record in Profit Rhino. Our first approach didn’t encompass all our goals, like managing cost sourcing, categories and cross-sell/upsells. We used this opportunity to make the matching and updating system more robust to allow users to keep the tasks and parts managed, while still being able to add or update records for day-to-day use.

Now, without unlinking a task, you can:

  • Add or alter categories

  • Add or alter task category assignments

  • Customize the cross-sells and upsells to a task

  • Inactivate tasks

  • Add or alter commissions and general ledger codes.

  • Add or alter Images

Updating or adjusting these field will not unlink your task. With every update, your content will stay Rhino Managed, and it will keep your above customizations.

Update Cost by Product Line

When you use the Update Cost by Product Line button to bulk increase/decrease your parts cost, all the parts in that product line will be switched from Rhino Managed to Contractor Managed for your convenience

Other noted changes:

  • Tasks without parts will now sync to Field Edge as a fixed price task so it will match in both systems

  • Add-on durations can now be altered while the addon is inactive within the task

  • Updated logic for cross-sell, upsell, images and category task assignments

  • Fixed tax pricing discrepancies by extending the math to handle three (3) decimal places

  • Service Fusion export updates

  • Aroflo export added (Australia)

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