Option lists are the best way to offer more services to your customers. Customers want to be in control, and options allow them to do that. While an upfront flat rate quote is a step in the right direction, it still puts the customer in a dilemma. If you're not offering good, better and best options, the two options you are offering are take it or leave it. Pay this price, or we can leave you with the the same problem you had when we showed up.

Profit Rhino's option boards features allow you to create avenues for your customers to get out of that dilemma. To read more about the benefit of options, click here.

We added more ways to make creating options easier on both the techs and managers.

Team Boards

Team boards are option board templates that can be used on a job as a starting point or as is. These boards are available to all your technicians. These are a great way to create standard use tasks for the company.

Tech Boards

Tech boards are option board templates that your technicians have created. These boards are only available to the technician who created them.

At any point, you can view a tech option board and promote it to a team board for all your technicians to use.

Option Labels

The number of labels you choose limits your number of options on the board.

Example: Good Better Best means you will only have three options.

An easier way to great a new option board

When you create a new option board, there is now a drop down menu that allows you to chose from the available labels.

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