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2021 Parts Pricing
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At Profit Rhino Powered by Callahan Roach, we strive to be as accurate and up to date with parts pricing as possible. We watch trends and read about possible industry-wide shortfalls so we can keep our product the best for our customers.

There has a recent and significant surge of HVAC repairs, which caused strain on supply chains that were already trying to recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Because of these record sales, many contractors, distributors and manufactures are reporting shortages.

“As long as demand stays strong, we're going to have these shortages,” said Talbot Gee, CEO of HARDI in a recent article on “And this is not unique to our industry. Every vertical is having supply chain issues, which means I have to tell my distributors that their suppliers and manufacturers are having the same supply issues as they are. Everyone is assuming this is going to take at least the full calendar year to work itself all the way out.”

Because of these shortages, parts prices are on the rise. We are aware of this and working on it. We have a team of industry experts who will be monitoring the situation and modifying parts prices accordingly. We will update as frequently as we can.

If an updated price seems too high, remember two things: Our pricing is based on a national average – which is usually higher in general, and the price can be modified in your price book if needed. Please contact your CSA with any questions.

For more information on the shortage, read this article here.

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