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To Change or Update a Part Status

Setting alternate parts

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Updating a part status within a task:

Once in the Task, click the Parts tab to see the parts associated with the task.

When on the parts tab you will see a column labeled status.

A part will be labeled either primary or secondary. When a part is marked with the primary status it means that part is the first choice of part to use on the task. There can be multiple parts listed as primary, this means that this task needs multiple parts to complete. The secondary status marks a part as an alternate part, you can use it, but if you have the primary part, you should use that.

To change the part status:

Click on the current label. This will allow you to edit it.

Next, click the arrow next to the label to see the options.

Next, select the status you would like in the dropdown.

After you select a new status, anywhere outside of the row to lock in your selection.

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