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Manage Book - Task/Add-On Toggle
Manage Book - Task/Add-On Toggle

This article details how to view Task or Add-on pricing at a glance in the Manage Book Section

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Navigating the price book through the Manage Book section is a great way to see the layout of the book and the most common way that your technicians will use the book in the field.  This is also a great way to view the difference between Task and Add-on pricing at a glance.   

As I'm sure you probably know, almost all of the tasks in Profit Rhino have two difference prices associated with them.  One is the task price and the other is the add-on price.  to view the difference in these two prices quickly you can navigate through the categories and sub categories until you get to the task level.  At that point you'll be able to see a large group of tasks and the prices associated with them.  Each will have the Value, Standard and Premium rates meant to be charged out at their current set up.  

In the top right hand corner, between the "Create Book" button and the "Assign Task" button is a toggle that will take you between Task and Add-on pricing.  Below is an image of the button and how it looks when Task pricing is being presented:

If you toggle the button in the top right, then the view will change to Add-on Pricing. When add-on pricing is being shown, not only will the price be lower, but the Task Number, which is the unique identifier for each task, will change and start with "A" instead of a "T."  This can be seen in the image below:

So this is the easiest to way to view and determine whether your difference between Task and Add-on pricing is a good fit for how you want to price Tasks in the field!

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