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Option Builder Task/Add-on Setting

This article will explain the changes coming with the new build of profit rhino in regards to building options and syncing data.

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In an earlier article, I detailed the changes that are being made to the Manage Book section in regards to the distinction between tasks and add-ons and how the program will be treating them from now on. I suggest that if you have not read that article, you do so now before continuing this one. That being said, lets dive right in.

In a previous iteration, the Option Builder section looked like this.

Pretty simple stuff (provided you've had all your on boarding training), so I won't be going over each and every function of this page.

Our Option Builder section will now look like this. With a third tab that was not previously there.

As highlighted in the image, there is a new tab (Option Board Settings). I've magnified it in this image so that it would be easier to see, but in the normal application it will appear the same size as the other tabs. What this tab will allow you to do is toggle (or freely switch between) whether or not your techs will be seeing just the Tasks available, or the Task and Add-ons available when building options.

First, in order to explain this better, I'll quickly be going over how to access the page needed in order to see the changes that have been implemented. Click on your Option Builder tab and then click on the icon that looks like a small page next to one of your option boards. The following image will help illustrate.

Once you've clicked on that page, you should see a pop up window providing the details of that particular option board. The following image will help illustrate.

In the old option builder, you'd be seeing your tasks (t) and add-ons (a) simultaneously regardless of whether or not you wanted to. With this update, your option boards can consist solely of tasks should you so choose. The following image will illustrate that.

In addition to that, there is a change to how you'll be adding tasks and add-ons to the option board. In the old build, adding a task and an add-on to the option board was done using separate buttons. 


With the new build, and with the changes to how add-ons and tasks are treated in the application, there will only be one button. This button (add task) will, as the name implies, add tasks to the option board. If you wish for a task to show up as an add-on you simply to need to make sure that tasks and add-ons are view able as detailed above. You'll also need to make sure that when the task was created (or edited) you enable the add-on function. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, it will be detailed in another article. The image below illustrates.


All in all, the main benefit of this change is to give the customer optimization. If you're not interesting in having add-ons show up in your Option Builder, with the simple click of a button you can make them disappear.

Note For Mobile Users: If your technicians are not able to see add-ons in their option builder when they actually want them, make sure you check your settings and have them toggled in. If they are toggled on, or they weren't previous and have been toggled on now, have your technicians sync their tablet.

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