In this article we'll highlight how to enable or disable your task to have an Add-on price.

Basically all the tasks in Profit Rhino have the ability to presented at a discounted rate in the field, this discounted rate is what we call an add-on price.  Most of the time the discount is provided by charging less labor than you would for the task price.  

In the screen shot below I've highlighted the area where you can remove an add-on price if you don't want to offer that to the customer.  This screen shot is to remove the add-on price for an specific task.

You can also change the tasks in the book across the board.  The image above would allow you to disable to add-on price for an individual task.  If you wanted to change the price book as a whole to not included add-on pricing we can help with that too.

In the Business Information section there is a button that would allow you to set "Task Time = Wrench Time."  That would make it so that there is no Add-on pricing offered to the customers at all.  You would just offer what we consider "wrench time" to the customers as the Task price.  So there would be no cushion built in for setup and cleanup time.  In the screen shot below you can see the location of this button in the Business Information section.

The only thing to keep in mind about this button is that it won't be available to you guys.  This is one rare function that you will have to reach out to a Customer Success Associate here at Profit Rhino to be able to use.  

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