Customers using Profit Rhino's mobile tool may have the desire to change some of the default settings, or even lock some settings to make sure that all technicians are following the same standards. This can be all be done from Profit Rhino's Mobile Settings screen.

To get to the mobile settings screen:

Log into Profit Rhino's web portal and go to My Account.

Click Settings.

Then Mobile Settings.

Now, there's a lot to break down here, so lets do it section by section.

We'll start the Mobile Settings section itself:

Going in order, you'll be able to set the following:

  1. Which pricing columns technicians are showing by default. There are a few different choice combinations, but it generally boils down to showing the service agreement rate, the non-service agreement rate, the after-hours rate, and a different column that will show customers how much they can save by having a service agreement.

  2. Display Price Columns will let you show or hide the names of the price columns. If you have it showing, underneath your prices it will say, "Standard Rate" (or whatever you may call your Standard Rate". If you have it hidden, it will only show the price.

  3. Download Data is letting you decide whether technicians can update their price book and send emails using Wifi or Celluar data or only Wifi.

  4. Option Board PDF View lets you decide when printing your option boards whether each option gets its own page, or all options will attempt to be fit on a single page.

  5. Display images will let you determine whether images show up on the option builder and the work order builder.

Next, we have the Marketing Description section.

What this will let you do is decide where your marketing descriptions are appearing. Toggling them off will make it so marketing descriptions no longer show in that area.

For both the marketing description and mobile settings, you can lock them into place. This will prevent technicians from changing them out in the field, assuring that all technicians follow the same standards.

Next, we have the PDF settings.

From the PDF settings section, you can do the following:

  1. Enable the bundle savings banner. The bundle savings banner is a small display that will appear on the cover sheet and option sheet. This display shows customers how much they save by doing an entire group of repairs at once instead of doing them one at a time over a couple weeks/months.

  2. Background Color will let you select which color your PDFs use in the mobile for all headers.

  3. Font color will let you select which color the text on the PDF headers is.

(An example of a header):

Finally, we have the Option Board Sort Types section in the top right.

This section lets you do two things:

  1. Choose the default sorting type.

  2. Choose which sorting types are available for your technicians to change to if needed.

Sorting types determine which order the tasks appear in on option boards, and whether or not a task is a task or an add-on by default.

The red toggle at the top right will default your settings back to what they originally were. You can use this if you made a mistake and aren't sure how to fix it.

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