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How to Setup your Marketing Tab in a Task
How to Setup your Marketing Tab in a Task

How to utilize cross selling and up selling in the marketing tab

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We know you want to provide your customer with the best possible experience without it feeling like a money grab. We have two "marketing" sections to allow you to show customers tasks that you recommend without having your techs have to sell in the field. We have Recommend Task, which is for tasks that go with the original task (You're replacing a shower head and think maybe the customer wants a new trim kit) and Upgrade Task, which is for an upgraded tasks (You're replacing a shower head but offer options for a premium shower head).

To add recommend and/or upgrade tasks:

Chose which task you want to add recommend/upgrade task, and click on the Marketing tab.

Then chose either Recommend Task or Upgrade Task.

Then add the task you want and it add to table. If you want to remove it, just click Remove on the right side.

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