We are sure you would all like to provide your customer with the best possible experience. That being said, it's difficult to try and provide customers with what they need (The proper quality product, auxiliary products that might complement their base minimum needs, etc.) without seeming like you're just trying to get more money out of them. Profit Rhino understands your concerns, and has optimized our product to allow for quick and easy methods of offering additional services without it sounding like a money grab.  These two processes are called [Up Sells] and [Cross Sells].

Before we get into how to set those up, lets quickly go over how we access the marketing tab in the first place.

Log into your account, and select a task you wish to add [Up Sells] or {Cross Sells] too, then you'll need to scroll down and there should be a [Marketing] tab for you to select. The following image will demonstrate what that tab looks like, and give a brief overview of cross selling and up selling.


We'll go into the specifics of what an [Up Sell] and what a [Cross Sell] is in just a little bit, but before that I just want to show you how you can add them to a task while we're on that screen. Simply hit the [Add Task] button and you should get a prompt. The following image will demonstrate.

                                  ADDING AN [UP SELL] OR [CROSS SELL]

Just like the image says, you can search for a task by name or task number if you want a specific one, or just hit the search button without entering anything to bring up the full list of tasks as shown. After you find the correct task, just hit the green button and if you hit the [Add Task] button right above [Cross Sell] it will be added as a [Cross Sell], it's the same for [Up Sell].

Now that we've got the basics of how to get to the marketing tab and how to add an [Up Sell] or [Cross Sell], lets delve more into what those terms mean and what it will do for you out in the field.

An [Up Sell] is essentially a premium version of a task or product you're offering the customer. For instance, if you're customer needs a shower head installation, you may show them the standard shower head installation price and time. But, what if you think they'd be better off with more than just a standard installation? You don't want to have to search through all the tasks again to show them the different pictures and prices. Well, that's where adding an [Up Sell] comes into play. When you click on that standard installation to show them the price or to add it to the quote, in the bottom right corner you'll see the possible [Up Sells] to offer them, and with just a click of a button you can add that instead. The following image demonstrates.

                                   [UP SELLS] IN THE MOBILE APPLICATION

Just click that "Common Alternative" and it will take you over to the [Up Sell] item.

A [Cross Sell] is a task that you think should be paired with the task the customer is already purchasing. To put that in different terms, if you sell someone a hot dog, they're probably going to want a bun to go with it. So when your techs are out in the field, and they've already sold that shower installation, they'll see a pop-up that says "Recommended Services" with an option to add it to the quote. That's a [Cross Sell] in action, and the following images will demonstrate.


After you hit that button, you should see this window pop-up.

                                           [CROSS SELL] POP-UP

There you have it, all you need to do is explain to the customer why you believe this task should be paired with the service you're already providing and with a click of the button you've added it to the quote.

That wraps up everything you'll need to know about [Cross Sells] and [Up Sells]. As with most things in Profit Rhino, it's all about efficiency. We don't want your techs to have to sift through a bunch of tasks to add items that they know are going to need to be paired 80% of the time anyway, and we want to make it easy for you to sell your customers the best possible product. And now, you can.

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