Though tasks come with research-backed details and descriptions, you can easily change them to fit your specific needs.

To edit tasks text:

Click on Edit Task Details.

A pop up will appear.

You can change:

  • the Task Name (The name of the part)

  • Callahan Roach Number (this is an internal number. We don't recommend editing)

  • Task Description (this can include tech notes)

  • Marketing Description (this is for customers to understand the part)

Then click Time and Tags.

And get this:

Now you can edit a few more things:

  • Labor Times

  • Add-on Labor Times

  • Brand

  • Assistant Times

And you can make the task:

  • Hidden

  • Value Rate Only

  • OEM

  • A Discount

  • Requiring Refrigerant

Click Save once done and close out of the window.

To edit the Task photo:

Click the pencil logo.

Now you can drag and drop an image, use one from Google or from one you have already used in your book.

Once you Crop and Upload, click the picture you want and then close out of the window. You can upload multiple photos for a task if you want.

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