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Inactivate to Exclude a Task or Category from your mobile application
Inactivate to Exclude a Task or Category from your mobile application

how to exclude a task or category from your price book

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This article will walk you through how to inactivate content, so as not to see unwanted Tasks in the field.  

Profit Rhino comes with a lot of content, that sometimes not every customer needs.  We include sections that possibly don't pertain to your geographic area or sections that you don't do within your business.  

So in order to trim the book down so that it isn't to cumbersome for your technicians, I'll walk you through how to inactivate content.

The first and most important way to inactivate content is by Business Type.  This can be done right on your "Manage Book" section.  By clicking on the manage book icon you will see each one of your business types.  Any one of these can be inactivated at any time.  Below is screen shot of the layout of the "Manage Book" screen with the inactivate toggle highlighted.

Highlighted above is the Inactivate Toggle.  Clicking that would turn it red, that would make it so that no Drain Cleaning would be visible using the Manage Book section on the tablet.  The exact same view and process can be followed for Categories and Sub Categories.  

Your other option is to inactivate tasks.  You can mass inactivate any of the content in the pricebook so as to even further trim down your content and make it more concise.

Below i'm attaching a screen shot that will show how you can inactivate multiple Tasks at a time in the price book.

You can mass inactivate tasks by checking the box on the left hand side.  Anything that you have checked off will be effected by the selection that you make in the Bulk Action drop down screen.

So that will allow you trim your price book to make it a little easier for your technicians to navigate in the field. 

Important Note:

  • Tasks - check the box on a task and it will be excluded from the pad in REAL-TIME. You do not need to generate a new price book.

  • Categories & Sub-Categories - Check the box on a category or sub-category and you will need to generate a new book to have this take effect in the mobile application.

  • Printed book - as before, when you make changes in manage book, you always need to generate a new book to show the changes.

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