Option Board and Option Masks are located in the Option Builder section of the Profit Rhino web application

There are three sections in this menu, "Option Board List", "Tech Option List", "Option Mask List".

Option Boards List shows the baskets of tasks that are displayed in our option builder. The number of options in an option board is determined by the option mask that is used on it. Best-practice tells us you don't want to use more than 3. Options can consist of tasks and/or addon's.

Tech Option List displays the baskets of tasks made on mobile application. You can make changes to this list on web application as well. This allows you to edit the option board, view its details and add new tasks, delete the option board and also copy it to the team boards.

 Option Masks are what are used in the mobile application to mask the option numbers for better presentation to your customers. You can name install or repair levels by your own customized labels. these also help determine how many options can be built within an option board that utilizes them.

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