Sometimes, you'll have a lot of tasks that are really similar (I.E. Diagnostic Level 1, Diagnostic Level 2, and etc) and you don't want to have to go through and make them all by hand. Well, using this process, you can simply copy the existing task and change it slightly to suit your needs. 

On the flip side, maybe there is more content than you need or you've created something that you don't plan on using.  In that case you can inactivate tasks.  This makes them not show up on our mobile tool or other Field Service Management tools you may be using.  

So we'll take a look at the process of copying and inactivating content in this article. 

Copying Tasks

First we will take a look at copying tasks.  This process is completed for a couple of different reasons in Profit Rhino.  You can copy tasks to increase the amount of line items that you have available to bill out in the field, or to move them from one Business Type to another.  

To copy a task you have to navigate to the Tasks tab on the menu on the left hand side of the web platform of Profit Rhino.

When you have that window open, there is an icon of two folded pages on the right hand side of the tasks, as seen below.                            

After you click on the copy function, you'll have a drawer open on the right hand side of the screen.  In this drawer you'll be asked to choose a Business Type to save the new task into.  It will also ask if you want to include Marketing Data.  This is asking if you would like to include the Recommended Items and Upgrades from the original task that you were making a copy of.  

After you hit save on your new task, our Task Management screen will show up.  This will allow you to adjust anything that is included in the task.  You can change the name, labor times, parts and images associated with that task!

Inactivating Tasks

There are two different ways that you can inactivate a task specifically.  You can inactivate one tasks at a time by switching the "Status Toggle" on the right hand side of the Tasks screen.  You can also utilize the "Bulk Action" on the right hand side of the screen.  These are show below:

The Bulk Action is a good way to inactivate an entire group of tasks.  So that can help trim down big sections of the book that maybe don't pertain to your business.

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