There is always a chance that our Price Book doesn't cover every single task that your technicians have to perform in the field.  In that case you have the ability to add new content to our platform so that it better fits your needs.  Below is a step by walk through on how to create new content.

  1.  Open up Tasks tab on the left hand side of the web side of Profit Rhino
  2. Click the "Add New Task" icon in the top right hand side.

These two steps are detailed in the image below:

After you click "Add New Task," a drawer will open on the right hand side of the screen.  This is going to walk you through four steps to building this new task.  

The screen will look like this image below after you click "Add New Task:"

In this view you have four steps laid our for you so we'll walk through the steps you'll need to take to create this task - step by step:

  1.  Fill Task Details - On this first step you'll need to assign your task to one of the Business Types that you have set up in the price book.  Next you'll name the task, this is the identifying name that will be seen on your actual work orders.  Next you'll fill in your Tech Facing Description and Marketing Desription.  Lastly you'll have to decide how much labor you want to charge out for this particular task.  
  2. Add Parts - In this section you will search for and add the part that want to  assign to this particular task.  In this section you'll be able to search for any Part that is already created in the system.
  3. Assign Category - This is where you will want to assign the Category Mapping to be able to locate this task within the price book.  If you haven't assigned a Business Type already it will ask you to do that first.
  4. Add Image and Save - Lastly you'll want to assign an image to this task.  You can assign an image using any one of our four different methods for uploading.  The most popular being an upload from Google.

After the you go through these four steps, the bulk of the information needed for the task will be done.  You can always edit and/or update the information at any time from the Task Management screen.  That screen can be seen in the screen shot below.  This is just like editing any other task in the price book after it is initially created.

Below is a video of the process:

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