Copying & Inactivating Parts

How to copy and inactivate unwanted parts

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In Profit Rhino, there are many different ways to Manage your parts.  One of the best tricks in Profit Rhino is to copy a part.  This will allow you to create an exact duplicate of the original part that you are copying, but you can change part cost, name, number or category.  This will allow you create new parts quickly.

To copy a part:

The link highlighted above will allow you to open a window that will just ask for your new part number. This is the only thing that has to be unique to each part, so as soon as you create a new part number, you'll get the window below.

Once you have all of your desired information, then you can save and you'll have your second part created successfully.

Secondly in this article, we just want to highlight how to inactivate parts that maybe you don't need or don't use anymore.

To inactivate parts:

Note: When you inactivate a part it will remove that part from ever task it is associated with in the Price Book.

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