Creating a new part in Profit Rhino is a very quick and easy process that we are going to walk through in this article.  

The first thing that you will have to do is navigate to the Parts Section of the price book on the left hand menu.  Inside that section is a list of all of your parts that you have in your price book.  The parts can be sorted by any of the fields that are presented.  

To create a new part you'll just click on the "Add New Part" button as seen in the screen shot below:

After you click on the "Add New Part" button, you'll get a window to open on the right hand side of the screen.  This is where you can enter all of the relevant part information that you are looking to have stored with this part record.  

Below I'll detail the steps to creating a new part with a screen shot that shows where each step would be done:

  1.  Part Number - This is where you want to load your unique part number
  2. Description - This is where you can load your description for the part, this doesn't have to be unique, there can be duplicates in the system.
  3. MFG - In this field you can load in any Manufacturing information that you would like.  
  4. Cost - This field is where you would load your Part Cost.  So whatever it cost you from your Vendor or Retail Part Provider you'll want to load into here.  The system will automatically update your retail bill out price based on your parts mark up.
  5. Category - This field is where you can select any Category that has already been created to store this part in.  
  6. Product Line - This is another organizational section that you can select for your part.  You'll have the option of choosing any Product Line that is already created with the Category that you had selected above.

Below is a screen show highlighting each of these sections where you will create the actual Part, just remember this will show up on the right hand side of your Profit Rhino web platform:

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