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Creating and Removing Categories and Sub Categories

How to create and remove Categories and Sub Categories from your Manage Book Section of the price book.

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You can create as many Categories and levels of categorizations as you want.  This article is going to document how to create new Categories and Sub Categories as well as remove any unneeded ones.

To add a new category:

Go to the Profit Rhino application, click on Manage Book and then Add New Category.

After you open the window, it will look like this:

Fill out the forms and the click Save.

This process will be exact same for a subcategory. You would just click into the category that you want the subcategory to be kept, then click Add New Category again.  

To remove a category*:

Click the icon below on the category you want to remove.

*This action can only be completed if there is no content left in the category you've selected.

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