In an effort to tailor Profit Rhino to your personal needs/preferences, you may have run into the need of creating new business types, categories or subcategories. Or, maybe you just want to change the look or description of a business type/category/subcategory. Whatever the case, Profit Rhino has provisions for you to make those changes pretty simply.

The first step is click the "Edit" button on the icon of any Business Type, Category or Sub Category that you want to edit.  That is highlighted in yellow on the image below. Then on the right hand side you will have the Edit screen.  In this pop up you can make changes to the Category that you've selected, in the image below you can see I chose the "Gas Lines" Category.  You can change that Name, Description, Account (GL Code) or External ID inside this edit box.  See image below:

The last option that you can change is the image, that can be see at the bottom of the pop up screen that appears on the right hand side of the screen.  The current image being used can be seen above.  If I wanted to remove that, I would just click the "X" next to it.  

After removing the image you will get a little different view, it will ask how you want to load a new image in, you can do this by clicking "Manage Images".  This can be seen in the image below:

In that pop up you get four different options for uploading a new image.  The first, "Upload from Google," will take you directly out to a google image search that will  let you search and upload an image of your choice.  The next, "Upload Image From Your Computer," will allow you to pull an image from your own database, this can be anything saved on your computer.  The third, "Upload Image from Global Library," will let you load in any one of our thousands of stock images that come with your program.  The last option, "Upload Image from Your Library," will let you search for any image that you have already uploaded and are using.  This is great if you want to use duplicate images for multiple sections.

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