In this article we are going to walk through the benefits and features of navigating the price book using the Manage Book tab.  

When you click on the Manage Book tab on the left hand side of your screen, you will see your business types.  These (and every subsequent screen) can be viewed two different ways.  You can see them in a tile view with a large image or in a list view with a much smaller image.  The List View allows you to see more content than the Tile View.  This is all dependent on personal preference though.  Below I'm going to include both different views:
Tile View:

List View:

After you select a business type then you will navigate to a similar looking screen, except it will be populated with all of the Categories within the Business Type you selected.  After you select a Category you will go into a Sub Category screen, so on and so forth.  Until you come to a screen that has Tasks.  You can now have as many levels of Sub Categories that you would like in Profit Rhino.  When you get to the task screen you'll have a few different features to check out.  Below is an image:

Some of the main features of this screen are numbered above.  Here is a rundown of what each feature will help you do.

#1 - These are your breadcrumbs, just so that you don't get lost navigating through the Mange Book section of the Price Book.  This will allow you to quickly click back into any of the Categories or Sub Categories that you went through to get to your current section.  So if I wanted to get back to "Heating" in the above example, I could just click on it and I would jump back over the "Forced Air Heating" section, directly into "Heating".
#2 - This will allow you to toggle between Task and Add-On pricing.  So you can look at the difference between the two in all of your tasks on that given page.
#3 - This will allow you to assign any other task in the book to this section that you are currently looking at.
#4 - This will "Add New Task" button will allow you to create new tasks right in this specific section of the book.
#5 - This is your actual Task that will be used to add to a work order in the field.  In this task you'll be able to view a lot of information at a glance.  On the right hand side you'll be able to see your Value Rate, Standard Rate and Premium Rate pricing. Under the Task Name you'll have your Tech Facing Description and Marketing Description.  Lastly you'll have your MPT, which stands for Minutes Per Task and APT which is the same, just for Assistant labor if applicable.  These will tell you exactly how much time you are billing out for this given Task.

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