Customization in Profit Rhino takes place in many mediums. Not everyone's own business has the same Rhino Blue color scheme that we use. If you would like to change the color to match yours you can do so in the Mobile Settings Menu.

Log onto your Profit Rhino , head over to the settings tab, and then choose [Mobile Settings]. Once you've done so, scroll down to the bottom of screen, and you should see something that looks like this:

                                CHANGING PDF COLORS ON THE WEB

As you can see, if you click on either of the little paint brushes you'll be able to alter your background color and font color respectively. 

You can choose to manually select a color, or edit the color values as explained by the little note on the side. Below is an example of how your Options Cover Sheet, Option Sheet, and Work Order would be effected if you were to change the color to red.

Options Cover Sheet

Options Sheet

Work Order

Here is a quick video walking you through this process

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