Profit Rhino partner exports will only be available to our customers that have explicitly paid for a data export. If you are one of our mobile users, you will be only able to pull up a task and parts export.

For those who are using a partner Field Service Manager (such as Service Titan): If you have made changes to your Profit Rhino book and you'd like it reflected in your other field service, please email a Profit Rhino representative.

In the use of Profit Rhino's software, you may find yourself wanting information about your book in a more condensed form. Conversely, you may want a list of parts without needing to search through our parts section, or a list of tasks where you can just quickly glance at the labor time in an excel spread sheet. Profit Rhino provides you with just such capabilities.

The first thing you'll need to do is log on to the our Web Platform at proftirhino.com, and head over to Import/Export.

In the export section, you'll see a variety of options to choose from. Namely, you can choose what business types you're choosing from and what kind of report you want to get.

The following image will describe in detail a little bit about your options in the export section:

Once you choose your parameters, then hit the Export My Report ! button to download the excel spread sheet.

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