Over the course of your tenure with Profit Rhino, you may find yourself in one of the following situations: Needing to purchase or cancel user licenses, needing to update your credit card information, or wanting access to your invoices in regards to charges from Profit Rhino.

This article will detail the process for handling all of the above situations, and allow you to keep your Profit Rhino account in line with your business needs without needing to reach out to a representative in most situations.

Update billing information and access invoices

As the very large and bold letters above indicate, the first thing we'll be talking about is updating your billing information (such as getting new credit card information in there) and accessing invoices. To do so, complete the following steps:

Log on your Profit Rhino account from your web browser, and click on My Account.

Then Users under Billing.

Now that you've made it to this section, all you'll need to do is click the Edit Details button.

After entering all the needed information, click save.

Manage user subscriptions and purchase exports/API access

For any number of reasons, you may find yourself needing to increase or reduce the number of mobile user licenses you're paying for. Additionally, some of you folks may find yourself switching to a new field service software, such as service titan or field edge, and wanting to bring all of your Profit Rhino information with you.

Log on your Profit Rhino account from your web browser, and click into the My Account tab.

Click Subscription.

Click Manage to increase or reduce the number of licenses you have on your account.*

For our mobile users, if you make the switch to a different field service software, you can click the purchase buttons listed under the content export and licensing section in order to gain excess to Profit Rhino exports and API. This will allow you to port all of your Profit Rhino book into your new field service software.

*If you currently have five licenses and you try to reduce it down, you'll need to inactivate the old user accounts first.

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