With the latest update to Profit Rhino, we've made a significant quality of life change to the Manage Book section of Profit Rhino. Previously, you had two options for removing a business type, category, or sub-category from your book. Exclusion or deletion.

Exclusion, if you recall, entailed clicking on a check box that marked a business type, category, or sub-category as excluded. When excluded, they would not show up in the mobile version of Profit Rhino and did not show up in exports to field service software such as Service Titan and Field Edge. If you wanted them back, you'd have to click that check box again and they'd be included in your mobile/field service software once more.

The other option, deletion, was a bit more extreme and only usable for categories and sub-categories. When a category was deleted, it was permanently removed from your book, any sub-categories that were inside of that category were also deleted, and all tasks in all of those sub-categories would lose their category assignments.

An example:

                      EXCLUDING AND DELETING IN PROFIT RHINO (The Old Way)

So what's different now? Well, if you're familiar with Profit Rhino, you've probably be run into the ability to activate and inactivate tasks and parts. Simply clicking a button and having them moved over to an inactive list separate from your active tasks or parts. Additionally, these inactive tasks or parts won't show up in the mobile or in your field service software.

Well, we've added that same functionality to the manage book section. The following images will demonstrate:

                                    INACTIVATING A BUSINESS TYPE

                                        INACTIVATING A CATEGORY


So why did we make this change? The reasons are two-fold. First, uniformity. It made very little sense in the grand scheme of things to have two completely separate functionalities that were doing virtually the same thing. So, why not just apply one functionality to the other.

Second, clarity. For a lot of customers, exclusion was not an intuitive feature. We've encountered quite a few people who accidentally excluded large portions of their book, only to find out the next day when it gets sent out to Service Titan, or when they go into the field with the Profit Rhino mobile.

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