Misc Improvements and Feature Updates

  • when the app os back grounded and still syncing, the user will be prompted to return to Profit Rhino

Quote Invoice

  • Payment type now shows on PDFs for single source payments
  • Task name size is now uniform and bold for both option boards as well as quotes
  • Printed invoices will now print properly.
  • Task number now shows when added through quick add
  • when copying quote to the same customer, customer information will now display properly on the new quote. 
  • "Finance Me as low as" changed to "Payments as low as"
  • Quote amount to PDF amount issue fixed - randomly would be a penny off from quote view to PDF view
  • Misc PDF enhancements / fixes
  • If summary of findings is included in quote, the PDF will be attached to the quote PDF
  • Signatures will no longer appear overlapping the underlined section
  • Resolved Discount appearing correctly when entered
  • discount section locked when payment has been entered. 
  • Hidden tasks no longer appear in presentation mode.
  • expanded room for loner quote numbers to avoid overlapping

Book and task lists

  • cross-sells now automatically toggle to addon

Option Board

  • quick add search now working properly in offline mode
  • summary of findings limited to 4 lines of entry
  • Misc PDF enhanvements / fixes


  • Updated technician name on check for updates
  • Misc sync speed improvements


  • Either First name OR Company name are required for customer creation
  • uniqueLineID added to invoice and option board line items
  • appName not used as button mask in quote "Save and return to [appName]"
  • added field indicating quote created via 3rd party
  • Added node in quote create to allow creation of quote with line items (ignored on edit quote)
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