We are proud to release our Winter 2017 update today Dec 7th. This update includes a visual refresh of the entire tool to make way for some great new features coming down the pipe. Below is a list of notable updates in this release. 

  • Full Width web page - Makes room for some great new time saving features that will be coming in the very near future

  • Added the ability to set fixed prices on all price columns

  • View all category assignments in task list to easily click and navigate to

  • New "Assigned to Book" filter on Task List to allow you to filter for tasks that are not assigned a category

  • Added the ability to Copy a Task to a different Business Type

  • Price Column masks will now show your custom names in manage book and task lists

  • Option Boards can now be activated/inactivated - inactive boards cannot be seen on the mobile tool

  • Can now update images on all Business type / Category / and Subcategory
  • Price is now required when markup exempt is checked on the part record
  • Misc improvements on Google image search and upload
  • Misc Improvements in task calculations tab
  • Option board type field has been moved to mobile settings page
  • Image crop aspect ratio of category images will now match business type


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