Sometimes, you'll have a lot of tasks that are really similar (I.E. Diagnostic Level 1, Diagnostic Level 2, and etc) and you don't want to have to go through and make them all by hand. Well, using this process, you can simply copy the existing task and change it slightly to suit your needs. 

On the flip side, maybe you've accidentally made too many copies of a certain task, or you want to get rid of a task you've already created. This article will teach you the process for doing that as well.

So, without further ado, lets dive right it and explain the processes for Copying and Inactivating tasks. We'll start with the following image:

                                          COPYING TASKS (PART 1)

Just like the image says, once I've found a task I feel like copying, I'll click on the page icon in the action section. Doing so will bring me to the following prompt:

                                                      COPYING TASKS (PART 2)

You don't really have many options/fields you'll need to fill out here, all you'll really need to do is click Save. Just so you know though, the top field is the task number of the original task, the middle field is where you can select the business type from and the bottom field is the task number of the newly copied task, and if you click the little Add On box this task will automatically become an Add On.

With that being said, hit save and you'll be brought to the next screen (which is really just the editing screen of a task).

                                                  COPYING TASKS (PART 3)

Here we go, we have our newly copied task. Everything is exactly the same as the one we copied, except for the task number. So, make whatever changes you'll need to make and click [Save & Close].

As a side note, since everything is same as the previous task, it will show up in the exact same business, category, and subcategory as the original task. So, keep that in mind.

                                                  COPYING TASK (FINAL)

And there you go, you have two tasks that are exactly the same.

Now I have a problem though, I have two tasks that are exactly the same. I don't want that, so I'll need to find a way to remove that task from my book/task list. The following image will demonstrate the first step:

                                             INACTIVATING TASK (FINAL)

As it says above, there isn't a way to delete tasks entirely from Profit Rhino, so we'll need to inactivate them instead. To do so, simply click the little green toggle switch in the action section. Doing so will move this task to the list of "Inactive Tasks", which won't show up in your regular tasks list or in your books. The following image demonstrates the results:

                                             INACTIVATING TASKS (FINAL)

There you go, it's no longer in the book or in my active task list. If you've accidentally inactivated a task, simple go the the inactive tasks list and click the red toggle button to reactivate it.

The inactive task list can be found in the task section, simply click the drop down box that says "Active" and change it to "Inactive".

Now Profit Rhino allows you to Inactivate tasks in bulk. You can do the following:

Just select the tasks you want to make changes on from the check boxes provided on each task. Then just go on to the Bulk Actions drop down and select the Inactivate a task option from the list.

All the selected tasks would be inactivated automatically.

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