After you've completed your first Admin Training, your customer support specialist may have asked you to create any unique tasks that you'll need in your book. Seems reasonable. But, maybe it's been a few days since your training and you're busy and this is a lot more complicated than you remember. No worries, this article will break down the process of creating a task, and other articles explain how to fill out/understand each part of the task.

The following image demonstrates the first part of creating a task:

                                               CREATING A TASK (PART 1)

As the image says, once you're in the task tab simply click the [Add New Task] button and you'll be brought to the next step. The following image demonstrates:

                                                CREATING A TASK (Part 2)

Now, what you'll need to is select a business type for this task to be assigned to. For instance, if this task is installing a sink, you probably won't want it to show up in your HVAC book. After you've selected the proper book, click [Next] and you'll move on to your newly created task.

                                               CREATING A TASK (FINAL)

There you have it. A blank task that you can build into anything you want to. I'll be linking the other articles that will help you understand everything else you'll need to know about tailoring this task to your needs.

VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: In addition to everything above, you must make sure you assign your task to a category after you create it or you won't be able to find it in your book.

If you are unsure how to do so, please read the article linked here.

[Assigned to Book] From this option you can search the tasks assigned to subcategory or the tasks ,not assigned to subcategory or both.

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