With this latest update to Profit Rhino, you'll be able to customize the color scheme (to an extent) that you use in your Profit Rhino mobile application. Namely, you'll be able to edit the PDF view of your quotes, option boards, and anything else that has a PDF view in the mobile application.

First, we'll go over the changes to the office version of Profit Rhino in accordance with these changes.

Log onto your Profit Rhino office account, head over to the settings tab, and then choose [Mobile Settings]. Once you've done so, scroll down to the bottom of screen, and you should see something that looks like this:

                                CHANGING PDF COLORS IN OFFICE VERSION

As you can see, if you click on either of the little paint brushes you'll be able to alter your background color and font color respectively. I've chosen purple and green because I'm a huge fan of the incredible hulk. (That's not really that important, I just thought you might want to know)

You can choose to manually select a color, or edit the color values as explained by the little note above.

Now that we've altered our color scheme, lets check out what it looks like in the mobile.

These next images will show you a view different PDF views:

                                      PULLING UP THE PDF VIEW FOR A QUOTE

                                            PDF VIEW FOR A QUOTE

                                 GETTING TO THE PDF VIEW OF OPTION BOARDS

                                                    PDF VIEW OF OPTION BOARD

This is obviously not an earth shattering change, but it is yet another step of customization afforded to you by Profit Rhino and one we think you'll appreciate.

Disclaimer: This only pertains to those using Profit Rhino mobile, not any of our partner services such as Service Titan.

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