We here at Profit Rhino are very keen to the fact that no two companies are alike, and as such we've given you all the ability to customize your mobile settings.

The images below are going to give a brief explanation of what settings you can customize and each customization will effect the mobile user.

                             CUSTOMIZING MOBILE SETTINGS (PART 1)

Just to recap, 

[Default Price Columns] will allow you to choose how many different prices you're displaying to the customer, 

[Display Price Columns] will allow you to choose whether or not you you want to display prices to your customers, 

[Download Data] will let you decide whether or not you want your tablets to download data from Profit Rhino without a WiFi connection, and 

[Display Images] will allow you to choose whether or not you present your customers with images when showing them their options.

There is another option, that will require a bit more explanation.
[Option Board PDF View] allows you to choose the layout of your Option Board when showing it to the customers. You can choose to have each option show up on it's own page, or simply have it list out all the options in order on the same page. The following images demonstrate.

                                                      IN-LIST VIEW (Mobile)

                                                PER PAGE VIEW (Mobile)

You can also choose whether or not you want your marketing description to appear in certain places. The following image will demonstrate.

                              CUSTOMIZING MOBILE SETTINGS (Part 2)

Choosing whether or not to display prices, marketing descriptions, or how many price columns you want is totally up to you, and your ability to customize your mobile settings reflects that.

Now, what if you have your settings exactly how you want your customers to see it, but one of your field technicians insists on changing it. I'd recommend sitting down and talking to him. Barring that though, you can choose to lock your settings from the office account, so that it can't be changed on the mobile. The following image illustrates.

                                             LOCKING YOUR SETTINGS

Like the image says, with a simple click of a button, you'll be able to ensure that your technicians aren't displaying information to your customers in a way that doesn't comply with your best standards and practices.

Just so you know how it'll appear to your technicians, I'll be adding a few images for you.

                                         SETTINGS LOCKED (Mobile View)

                                       SETTINGS UNLOCKED (Mobile View)

If, for some reason, you've changed your settings in a way you don't like or someone else changed the settings in a way you don't like, you can change them back manually one at a time. or simply hit a button to restore it to the default settings. The following image demonstrates.

                                           DEFAULT SETTINGS TOGGLE

Every degree of customization that you apply to your use of Profit Rhino will help to make the application your own. While we certainly do the best we can to provide a product that's right for everyone, we have no way of knowing exactly how you want things run. With the information provided in this article, you're just another step closer to taking your Profit Rhino experience into your own hands.

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