With Profit Rhino's latest update, we've decided it was time to split up the quote and notification section as we prepare to incorporate new functionalities into each of them.

As such, in this article we'll be going over the new Quote Settings section and some new functionalities that have been added to it.

To make a long story short, for a considerable amount of time now our mobile customers have indicated that they wanted to be able to add additional pages to their invoices for a multitude of reasons.

With this latest build, in the Quote Settings sections. You can choose to flip on the "Quote Addendum". This "Quote Addendum" will appear as an additional page after the automatically generated invoice is completed. On that same page you will also be able to determine what text appears in the "Quote Addendum".

The following image demonstrates:

                                       ADDING IN A QUOTE ADDENDUM

There isn't much more to say about how this works. Essentially, if you're one of our customers who found themselves needing an additional page with customized text on their invoice, you've got it!

Another quick note about the new Quote section. Previously, we had drop down lists to manage what signatures you were using. Essentially, you would select the "Hide/Show" option for any of the three signatures that are used in the Profit Rhino mobile application.

For clarity's sake, we've changed that to a simple "Hide/Show" toggle that functions in the same way as our task /  part / manage book section "Activate/Inactivate" toggle.


That's all for this update, but expect more great things from our quote section. Good luck.

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