With the new build of Profit Rhino there is a huge change to our Category/Sub Category functionality.  In the old program you were limited to three levels of Categorization.  This is no longer the case.  You can create as many Categories and levels of Categorization as you want.  This article is going to document how to create new Categories and Sub Categories as well as remove any unneeded ones.

The first step that we'll walk through is creating a new Category.  In the image below you can see the button that is used to "Add New Category" in the top right:

After you open the window the Add a new category it will look like this:

Your first step will be to Name your Category.  This can be any name that you would like, the only exception is that if that category name is already being used somewhere else in the price book it can not be duplicated.
Next you will add a Description, Account (GL Code) and External ID if you would like (none of these are required to create your new category).  Lastly you can add an image to this new Category.  Click "Manage Images" then you'll get the option of adding the image using any one of our four different ways to upload an image.  

This process will be exact same for a Sub Category.  You would just click into the Category that you want the Sub Category to be kept, then click "Add New Category" again.  

New Functionality that is now available is the ability to remove a Category or Sub Category.  This remove option can be seen below.  The icon is a Garbage can in the bottom right hand corner of the Category Icon.

This action can only be completed if there is no content left in the Category/Sub Category that you've selected.  You can see if anything is in the Category using the colored line at the top of the Category.  Yellow means that it is empty, as you can see in the image above.  The other Categories that have a grey stripe at the top means that they have content inside of them.  There is also a third stripe that can show, that would be blue.  That means that the Category has other Sub Categories.  So Blue contains other Sub Categories, Grey contains Tasks and Yellow is empty and therefore can be removed.

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